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Machan’s Archives: On Libertarianism v. Coercion

Machan’s Archives: On Libertarianism v. Coercion Tibor R. Machan (10/10/04, revised 1/28/13)) Here is what I wrote, pertaining of Jeffrey Friedman, a political theorists and frequent critic of libertarianism: “A dispute among those who favor the free society concerns whether … Continue reading

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My Vigilant Ethical Egoism

My Vigilant Ethical Egoism Tibor R. Machan When I was in my late teens I discovered Ayn Rand, in particular her novel The Fountainhead. Actually I ran across her when I appeared in a theater group’s rendition of her play, … Continue reading

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Machan’s Archives: The Democratic Ideal

The Democratic Ideal Tibor R. Machan In this essay I wish to revisit democracy since all the power that our current administration is claiming for itself is supposedly justified by way of the democratic method. But in fact only a … Continue reading

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Obama’s Macabre Politics

Obama’s Macabre Politics Tibor R. Machan Over the last few weeks, indeed since his victory at the polls, I have been listening to President Obama’s speeches quite regularly. I wasn’t surprised one bit at his ready exploitation of the Connecticut … Continue reading

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My Recent Kafkaesque Experience

My Recent Kafkaesque Experience Tibor R. Machan It may not be the kind of experience many others have had other than at the Department of Motor Vehicles but I recently went through one that brought to mind Franz Kafka. I … Continue reading

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