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Column on Rights are to Act Freely

Rights are to Act Freely Tibor R. Machan I do not have a right to my car but I do have a right to buy, keep, trade and otherwise act in relation to my car.  Rights are what define our … Continue reading

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Web Published Column on “Surplus” Wealth

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Published Column on Inpractical Pragmatism–.html

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Column on the Myth of Surplus Wealth

The Myth of Surplus Wealth Tibor R. Machan         Over the last couple of decades a colleague from a famous university has challenged me about my view that everyone has the unalienable right to private property.  Now this position, derived … Continue reading


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Published Column on Why I like the Rich

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Column on the Impracticality of Pragmatism

Impractical Pragmatism? Tibor R. Machan Yes, it sounds paradoxical because by "pragmatic" is usually meant "practical, workable, functional." So when President Obama made it clear last year that he is a loyal pragmatist when it comes to economic policy, he … Continue reading

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Column on No Insurance at Gun Point

No Insurance at Gun Point Tibor R. Machan No one is as fond of affordability as I am–well, may this is wrong but I am very fond of it. That extends to insurance. My home, car, health and sometimes travel … Continue reading

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Column on Stossel’s Blues

Stossel’s Blues Tibor R. Machan John Stossel is a fine journalist with a serious libertarian political orientation. (I once worked with him on his ABC-TV Special, "John Stossel Goes to Washington," broadcast a few years ago and still in circulation.) … Continue reading

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Published Column on Cell Phones & Driving

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Ayn Rand & Libertarianism

Rand and Libertarianism Tibor R. Machan The question still comes up, "What does Rand have to Contribute to Libertarianism?"  Of course, late in her life Rand tried to disassociate herself from libertarians, whom she called "hippies of the Right."  In … Continue reading

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