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Column on Abusing the Social Contract

Abusing the Social Contract Tibor R. Machan At the outset it needs to be noted that whatever is called the social contract, it is not actually a contract which is “an agreement entered into by two or more parties with … Continue reading

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Column on Liberty versus Stimulus

Liberty versus Stimulus Tibor R. Machan Despite all the bad blood and heated rhetoric–name calling, besmirching, hyperbole and other polemics–involved in our current political-economic controversies, there really is a substantive point of considerable difference at issue. Put bluntly, the Obama … Continue reading

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Column on Individualism Isn’t Ridiculous

Individualism Isn’t Ridiculous Tibor R. Machan* Some critics of individualism propose an alternative social philosophy and defend it so it is then possible to compare their case to the individualist position. But more often than not what critics do is … Continue reading

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