Elementary Mr.Obama

Elementary Dear Obama

Ok, so none of us creates or produces anything ex nihilo. What if anything follows from this? Our teeth weren’t made by us, nor our hair or nose or eyes. Yet we often benefit because of these. Our beautiful eyes may impress someone and may even land us a movie contract. We may be very tall and do well at basketball in consequence. A few of us may have talents others would kill for!

Bottom line is that having advantages over other folks entitles no one to step in and become equalizers, even if they are the president of the United States of America. To think otherwise is a non-sequitur. Doesn’t follow and rests not on logic or reason but on the myth of the imperative of egalitarianism. Even before Mr Obama announced that we do not deserve our advantagesDemocratic candidate Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts promoted the mistake that not having made all of our advantages entitles others to butt in and take from us what we didn’t earn. Warren was dead wrong just as Obama is.

It would be something else if one’s advantages came from having stolen them from another–say a native American. But that isn’t the issue. Native Americans owned a great deal that they didn’t create or produce. Yet when it was stolen from them, it was wrong a they were justified condemning it as theft as would we be if someone stole our teeth or identity.

Ok, this stuff is elementary so why would Obama & Co. make believe they are unaware of it? Because they appear to be grabbing for power again, to deprive people of their property and thus their chance of making significant choices in their lives. That’s the basic issue of property rights. Who gets to choose. Who is in charge. Property rights spell out who. By denying that you and I own the goods we have, never mind how we came by it so long as we didn’t steal it, they are attempting to rob us of the power of choice and using what they have taken for purposes not out own! And that is morally and should be legally wrong.

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