Short Note on the Facebook Mess

A very Short Note on the Facebook Mess

Tibor R. Machan

Why is this Facebook stuff everyone’s concern? Looks like the marketplace is working here just as it should, quite unpredictably, with unknown winners and losers on the horizon.

Is investing now supposed to be a sure thing? Incredible. Investing means taking risks since what one is banking on is other people’s upcoming, yet unknown decisions and that’s naturally uncertain.

All this pining for a sure thing just gives the politicians an excuse to butt in (even though they have no guarantees to offer either).

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4 Responses to Short Note on the Facebook Mess

  1. szatyor2693 says:

    There is no fairness in life, get over it. There is at most some justice. There are very few free market fundamentalists around, a lot more statist fundamentalists for whom every problem in life has of course a coercive solution (usually as per their terms and muscle). And there is nothing wrong with insider trading unless information is stolen. Insider trading is no different from journalistic scooping! Get there first and win the Pulitzer!

    • szatyor2693 says:

      What is and isn’t coercion doesn’t have to do with how those being coerced feel about it. It has to do with whether their rights are violated and the military draft violates one’s right to liberty. Talk about patronizing! I do not need your little lessons about fairness and altruism, Habermas and so forth.

  2. szatyor2693 says:

    Talk about duty–not freely assumed but imposed duty–gets you tyranny. A volunteer military has members whose duties were assumed by them, not imposed on them. Conscription is for prisoners, not free men and women.

  3. szatyor2693 says:

    Too busy with important stuff (for me), so drop it, please. This is the last reply to you that I will submit.

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