Column on Getting Serious About Recovery

Getting Serious About Recovery

Tibor R. Machan

This is how economic recovery can be encouraged by all levels of governments in the U. S.:

1.Remove all preemptory government regulations of all the professions and businesses.
2.Cut taxes to the bone, when possible totally abolish them.
3.Cut all subsidies and protectionist measures.
4.Eliminate all minimum wage laws.
5.Close down all the alphabet soup agencies (a corollary of #1).
6.Sell off all government properties that do not relate to the military defense of the country.
7.Abolish the war on drugs.
8.Abolish all blue laws, everywhere (including states, counties, and municipalities).
9.Stop all non-defensive military endeavors.
10.Basically and most generally, follow the edict of the Declaration of Independence where it assigns to government the job of securing the basic rights of the citizenry.
It is by freeing up human productivity and creativity that economies are most likely to grow. Apart from natural calamities, governmental interventions are the worst obstacles to economic development. Makes perfectly good sense. Government is no good at picking winners and losers. Bureaucrats and politicians have no more wisdom and virtue than do the rest of us, so they must not take over the direction of our lives, including our economic affairs. The top down regimentation of economic affairs is perverse and will surely prolong our economic wows.

If these measures aren’t followed, the country will continue to struggle and decline.

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5 Responses to Column on Getting Serious About Recovery

  1. John Selig says:

    Sell off the national parks to Six Flags or Disney. I’m sure they’ll make money from it and benefit us all. Economic problems solved. What a joke.

  2. Matt says:

    I think the idea is to stop wasting money on the statist policies that have been the cause of multitrillion dollar debt and the ruination of our economy.

  3. szatyor2693 says:

    What a great argument: must show it to my logic students soon!

  4. John Selig says:

    Well, Tibor. I was being a bit sarcastic about “benefiting us all.” Six Flags might benefit from operating an amusement park inside a national park, and many folks would enjoy the amusements provided by Six Flags. But I’m guessing a whole lot of other folks would not enjoy having an amusement park inside a national park. Can the free market sort this out? I’m not sure. For some time there’s been a conflict over allowing “tacky” amusement facilities to be sited near Gettysburg National Military Park. I’m not sure how that panned out, but I can understand the displeasure by many folks toward such facilities encroaching in and around a national memorial battlefield or in and around any national park.

    I enjoy reading your columns and wonder why there’s not a “syndication” of them. Anyway, keep on writing.

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