My three hour Interview on C-Spam 2, 5/1/11,

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4 Responses to My three hour Interview on C-Spam 2, 5/1/11

  1. Skull says:

    Typo or being cute?

    C-SpaM 2

  2. Gerald Lynch says:

    Dear Dr. Tibor:
    Your C-SPAN interview was one of the most enjoyable programs I have seen since William F. Buckley’s FIRING LINE. The joy of having a C-SPAN host who has mastered the technique of asking a brief question, then allows the guest to give an expansive answer is a rare event on TV today. (consider that idiot Chris Mathews as the prototype of the opposite type of interviewer). You pedagogical style was both clear and thought provoking. Also, your lack of fear to give a politically incorrect answer that might instigate further debate was equally delightful.

    Would you please provide further clarification to one of your answers? When asked to comment on REASON MAGAZINE you correctly characterzied the editorial policy as dumbing down for mass consumption. What periodicals/web sites (other than your own obviously) would you recommend that address issues from a more in depth Libertarian viewpoint?

    Gerald D. Lynch

    • szatyor2693 says:

      I read a lot of stuff that isn’t in agreement with my thinking, including The New Republic, The New York Review, Philosophy Now, World Affairs and much on the web. Cafe Hayek is a good blog to check out. Thanks for your post and I agree that Susan Swain was superb.

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