Open Letter to The New Republic

Dear Editor:
Jonathan Chait’s “Kangaroo Court” (3/3/11) is disgusting. First, calling the ruling “laughable” shows just how uncivil he is despite all the bellyaching about the rhetorical excesses of the Tea Party. Then, more substantively, Chait’s relentless cheering in favor of greater and greater state power over us all–and I must say, as a refugee from a former communist country this infuriates me personally–is morally obscene. To work his sophistic skills in support of broadening the reach of the ill advised interpretation of the commerce clause–which originally was meant to regularize commerce, not to regulate it, among the several states–is very difficult to distinguish from out and out incitement to dictatorship. Kind of like those folks in the Middle East who support Mubarak and, just now, Gadaffi.
I am not sure I can continue to invite The New Republic into my home, despite my respect for and enjoyment of most of the back of the book materials (e.g., “Fake Swan” was superb!). Sure, you have become a modern (as distinct from classical) liberal publication, championing the expanded American state. But you are now over the top for me, providing apologies for forced labor (coercing people to purchase stuff you prefer them to purchase).
Even if the framers didn’t devise a Constitution that consistently opposes this, as per the philosophy of the Declaration of Independence, there is no justification for siding with their philosophical failings.


Tibor R. Machan

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