Column on No Way Could I Support Republicans

No Way Could I Support Republicans

Tibor R. Machan

and then I am subject to serious consternation about not being able to
address concrete political issues, ones that occupy the attention of
some many politicians and pundits.  Do I hold a political position that
is irrelevant to what is happening in the world?

maybe I do at times.  At least if we are talking about immediate
relevance then my unwavering support for the fully free society isn’t
helping very much, I admit.  I wish that issues I am passionate about,
some of which I have learned are absolutely vital to human community
life, came up for decision in the body politic–issues such as whether
government may regulate the professions, whether interstate commerce
should be subject to government meddling, whether the war on drugs
should continue and so forth and so on.  

times I have the impression that maybe there are practicing political
allies out there somewhere, ones who are involved with current affairs,
and at times it looks like these would be Republicans and especially
conservative ones.  That’s because strictly speaking if one were a
bona fide
American conservative, what one would be working hard to conserve is
the principles of the American Founders, those laid out so well in the
Declaration of Independence.  After all, liberal democrats, so called,
have mostly abandoned any loyalty to the ideals of the Declaration and
they are only champions of the American political tradition when it
helps to promote their populist agenda of forcible wealth redistribution
(i.e., when they invoke the 16th Amendment which legalizes income
extortion). The ACLU is a joke since it cherry picks whose
constitutional rights it stands up for.

no sooner to do I hold out just a bit of hope for the Republicans and
conservatives, I am reminded of just what they love more than anything
else, which is to coerce everyone to follow their moral prejudices.  

what they did about the U. S. military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy
the other day.  Finally there was chance to purge the legal system of
this unjust policy, of making gays jump through all kinds of hoops so
they may serve in the Army, Navy and Air Force of a supposedly free
country.  As it was reported at, “With the 56-43 vote,
Democrats fell short of the 60 votes needed to advance the legislation
[to repeal don’t ask, don’t tell]…. Senate Democrats attached the
repeal provision to the defense bill in the hopes that Republicans would
hesitate to vote against legislation that included popular defense
programs. But GOP legislators opposed the bill anyway, thwarting a key
part of the Democrats’ legislative agenda.”

don’t give a hoot about the Democrats’ legislative agenda because it is
mostly bent on robbing Peter to give out gifts to Paul.  But I do
consider it grossly unjust to bar gays from serving in the military,
just as it would be to bar bakers, Catholics, tall people, or opera
singers from doing so.  What on earth does being gay have to do with
military service?  (In fact in ancient Greece it was widely believed
that gays would make the finest soldiers!) What kind of Neanderthal
mentality must these people have for making it their huge objective to
stand in the way of gays who want to volunteer?

this kind of news comes to my attention I have to hold my nose and just
hope that in time there will be an opposition political party that will
not be linked to such nonsense.  Will that ever happen?  I don’t know
but I am not giving up working to that end.  For when we reflect
seriously on the principles American conservatives are supposed to be
conserving, preserving, they are clearly such that they do not give the
slightest support to gay bashing of any kind, any more than they support
female or short people or farmer bashing.  

are all human beings with basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit
of our happiness.  And while there are some neo-conservatives who do
take issue with these ideals, thinking them to be pedestrian and
shallow, any genuine American must consider them central to a just human
community.  In such a community no official discrimination against gays
is tolerable, nor against anyone else who lives peacefully!

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