Two novels—fables—by economist Russell Roberts of GMU and Café Hayek are
worth reading both for entertainment and for enlightenment. Though
unabashedly didactic—albeit in a gentle tone, not the style of, say, Ayn
Rand—both books also contain pleasant story lines, even inspiring ones.
The Invisible Heart (MIT Press) features a husband and wife team of
academics with contrasting views about capitalism and markets and resolves
the differences very nicely. The Price of Everything (Princeton
University Press) is about the coming of age and wisdom of a young man of
Cuban background who is helped along by a patient and sympathetic
economics teacher. Even if you are already convinced of the merits of the
doctrine of the spontaneous order, Robert’s favorite school of economic
science, the books hold out fine explanations and illustrations. I highly
recommend them both. (The Cuban angle in the second novel was especially
touching to me, a refugee from communist Hungary!) You can catch
Roberts’s commentaries on, of all places, National Public Radio. Maybe he
will unseat Paul Krugman as today’s most prominent economist. He deserves

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