Recommendation of Vatel

"Vatel" is labeled a true story and it does seem to be based on certain
established historical facts. [
]Gérard Depardieu
does a fine job depicting the rebellious chef, Vatel, with a love of
freedom and independence. Here is a summary from the Web:
"A man hoping to win the favor of a King finds that his heart has gotten
in the way in this lavishly-produced comedy-drama. In 1671, the Prince du
Conde ([
]Julian Glover) is a figure of French nobility who is deep in debt and
suffering from gout. Hoping to buoy his fortunes and his reputation, du
Conde wants to win command of the French Army in an anticipated conflict
with Holland. When du Conde receives word from the Marquis de Lauzun ([ ]Tim Roth) that that
King Louis XIV ([ ]Julian
Sands) wishes to spend three days at his estate, du Conde is determined to
pull out all the stops, and he asks Francois Vatel (Gerard Depardieu) to
make the arrangements. Vatel is a master chef with a genius for arranging
spectacular entertainments, and he is determined that this will be a
weekend that the king will always remember. But that’s before Vatel meets
Anne de Montausier ([ ]Uma Thurman),
a lovely courtesan traveling with the king’s party. Anne is the king’s new
mistress, but that doesn’t stop Vatel from falling in love with her, and
he is determined to win her heart. Produced in both English and French
language versions, Vatel was chosen to open the 2000 Cannes Film

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