Notice of film Head-On (not quite recommended)

Head-on is a very unpleasant but possibly instructive movie about Turkish
immigrants in Hamburg, Germany; whether it is an accurate depiction or a
mere exaggeration of some cases I do not know and haven’t researched. If
it is accurate, it holds out little prospect for integration and
civilization in these circles. Nearly all the characters are trapped in a
perverse macho culture that has, it seems, a death wish.
Plot Synopsis by Andrea LeVasseur "German-born Turkish filmmaker Fatih
Akin writes and directs the drama Gegen die Wand (Head-On). Set in a
working-class Hamburg neighborhood, the story follows two Turkish
immigrants who get together in a marriage of convenience. Cahit Tomruk
(Birol Ünel) is a heavy drinker and a fighter who crashes his car into a
wall. While visiting his psychiatrist, Dr. Schiller (Hermann Lause), he
meets fellow patient Sibel Guner (Sibel Kekilli). She’s desperate to get
away from her restrictive family, so she asks Cahit to marry her. Wanting
to change his life anyway, Cahit agrees to the arrangement. After their
wedding, Sibel celebrates her freedom by drinking, dancing, and having
one-night stands. Meanwhile, Cahit carries on an intimate relationship
with hair stylist Maren (Catrin Striebeck). Eventually, Cahit and Sibel
learn to care for one another after a climactic trip to Istanbul. Head-On
won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 2004."

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