A great letter on Bush’s “principles”

The man who never cheats on his wife because no other woman would have him
is not particularly principled – but he proudly fancies himself that way.
So the first bimbo he sniffs who’ll do him the honor will prompt him to
"abandon his principles" with as much alacrity as a hungry dog will attack
a ham. Such are the principles of our "leaders."


17 December 2008

Editor, The Washington Examiner

Dear Editor:

George Bush is the complete politician: he believes all that his in-house
press and party operatives say about him, and he pours whatever meaning is
politically expedient into every word that he uses. This fact is made
clear by his statement that he "abandoned free market principles to save
the free market system" ("Bush: ‘I’ve Abandoned Free Market Principles To
Save The Free Market System’," December 17).

First, one cannot abandon something that one never possessed – and this
President, from his steel tariffs to his prescription-drug program to his
No Child Left Behind foolishness, at no time gave the slightest indication
that he supports free markets as a matter of principle.

Second, principles by their nature are things you stick with during trying
times. Because no case has been established that today’s troubles are
caused by free markets, or that Mr. Bush’s hyperactivity of late will
"save" markets, his "abandonment" of his alleged principles simply
reflects the fact that he never possessed them to begin with.

Donald J. Boudreaux
Chairman, Department of Economics
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030

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One Response to A great letter on Bush’s “principles”

  1. Unknown says:

    It needs be much more widely said, Mr. Bush is a puppet, a pawn, a mouthpiece, a trained seal. His "Presidency" is of highly doubtful legitimacy. A rigged election does not a president make. If you say it wasn\’t rigged, please produce the audit trail of the voting machines in the swing states before his second term to prove it. Put up or shut up. Nor does the Constitution of The United States say it is within the power of crooked Supreme Court Judges to appoint a President. It needs be further said that all the "Presidential" actions, orders, or appointments of Mr. Bush have, therefore, no legal standing. None. Nor do his wars. He, his cronies, and his extended family have stuffed their bank accounts and portfolios with hundreds of millions if not often billions in war profits. Obviously they will not, under any circumstances they can stop, let the gravy train of felony war stop. These are things that need be said, printed, broadcast, and repeated as often as possible until the many lies commonly held as truth are eradicated from the human psyche. Iraq was never a threat to any legitimate American interest. Plans to invade Iraq were in place even before Mr Bush "became President". The motives of the neocons and crooked clergy and oilmen who promoted it were diverse, but freedom or safety of America were not considerations. Until these things are well understood, the evidence brought to light, and the propaganda exposed, the restoration of American honor, integrity, and merit of God\’s Grace are unlikely.

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