Recommending 10 Items or Less

This is just a friendly, charming, low key non LOL comedy, with Morgan
Freeman playing himself. Finding himself stranded at the store (his driver
has vanished, he can’t get his agent on the phone, and he doesn’t even
know his own home number), the gregarious actor takes the feisty,
smart-mouthed Scarlet under his wing, prepping her for an interview for a
better job, pitching in when she takes her Gremlin to a car wash, helping
her pick out some new duds at Target (where the rich movie star discovers
the many wonders of discount retailing), and generally bringing her out of
her funk; the two bond, and she drives him back to Brentwood. Story-wise,
that’s about it, which makes the film almost entirely character-driven.
That’s not a bad thing by any means, but despite Freeman’s and Vega’s
winning performances, 10 Items or Less is little more than a slight,
amusing diversion. [For, reviewed by Sam Graham] Also, some of
the best Latin rap music I’ve heard.

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