Recommending Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

This is a touching, pleasant, bit melancholy (even sad but not morose)
movie–with one of my favorite songs ("For All We Know…") featured. Here
is a summary from the Web by an anonymous viewer: "Mrs. Palfrey, recently
widowed after a long happy marriage, moves into a London residential hotel
more lively and elegant on line than in fact. She determines to make the
best of it among an odd assortment of people, and she particularly hopes
her grandson, a London resident, will visit. When she slips on a walk and
is aided by a penniless young writer, she invites him to dine at the
Claremont and plays along when her dining mates assume he’s her grandson.
A friendship develops giving her a companion with whom she can talk about
memories and poetry and giving him ideas and support for his writing. But
what of her actual family? How it plays out is the movie’s story." I
think this captures it well except that the movie is also very nicely
emotional. I am now at an age when I am more interested in stories about
older folks than youngsters and this was a nice example.

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