Column on Government Ripoff #3778457

Government Ripoff #3778457
Tibor R. Machan
Yes, that number is a phony and simply suggests the high number of
ripoffs perpetrated by the government upon the citizenry. In this case the
ripoff consists of government failing to consider inflation when it taxes
capital gains. So if in 1995 you bought stocks for $1000.00 and sold it in
2008 for $2000.00, you are still going to be taxed for a $1000.00 capital
gains, never mind that the $2000.00 isn’t worth what it was originally,
inflation having eroded its worth.
But then why would extortionists ever give you a break? Once a system is
unjust, dickering about bits and pieces of it is virtually pointless and
makes little sense anyway. There is no way to deal justly with stolen
And there is that other matter, one of the triumphs of the American
revolution, that has gone south big time. It is the idea of "No taxation
without representation." Arguably the revolution began because this idea
was violated by the Brits. Never mind. Our current extortionists–for
never forget that something like the income tax amounts to flat out
extortion, a major source of revenue for organized criminals–borrow
against the expected wealth of members of future generations, committing
those people to pay back what the current regime borrowed. Yet, of course,
those members haven’t even been born yet, or are so young that they may
not vote. So these folks are being taxed with no one representing their
voice in the so called democratic process.
Of course, this policy of taxing the unrepresented is widespread. Airport
and hotel taxes are typical cases in point–one is taxed in the locale of
the airport or hotel but of course hasn’t any voice there at all
concerning the disposition of the "revenues" thus collected. Clearly this
again violates the idea of no taxation without representation. Another
triumph of the American revolution that’s routinely betrayed.
But of course the policy of taxation is never a just one, be the taxpayer
represented or not. For taxes are nothing but a phantom rent collected by
the government for permitting the citizenry to live and work within the
realm. That is how taxation made sense in feudal times, where it amounted
to rent paid to the owner of the realm for the privilege of living and
working there. In effect, everything was owned by the monarch and one who
lived in the area had to pay for that privilege. Only the monarch had
rights–sometimes dubbed "the divine rights of kings"–and he or she had
the authority to issue permits to the subjects who lived within the realm.
It is just this arrangement that was supposed to have been overthrown by
means of the American revolution. Sovereignty was supposed to have been
taken from the monarch and assigned to individual citizens in accordance
with their natural rights to their lives, liberty and property. But today
there is little sign of this in America, the so called leader of the free
world! So it isn’t just that governments tax earnings at their nominal
value though they have effectively been made worthless over time by
The very idea of taxation is a fraud, despite such noble designations of
it as "the price we pay for civilization." Because taxation was kept in
place after the regime change, from a feudal to a free society–unlike
serfdom, for example, as well as in time slavery–today it is the major
instrument of tyranny. All these bailouts that amount to committing
members of future generations to pay for the widespread irresponsibility
of present ones could not be perpetrated without this vicious instrument
of coercion. Yet in the mainstream hardly any mention is made of just how
inconsistent is the financial foundation of the policy of bailouts and
just how predatory is the policy of taxation.
What is even worse is that throughout the academic community, where
radical ideas are supposed to be proposed and considered, the notion that
taxation is unjust, with or without representation, doesn’t even get
discussed. Instead, famous academics write prominently published tracks
defending taxation and the corresponding reactionary notion that all
wealth really belongs to, you guessed it, the government!

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