Column on Self-Abusive Conduct

Victimless Crimes
Tibor R. Machan
When I go to movies I sometimes experiment. I decide to see some because
of what I call education in cultural anthropology. Not all of these are
enjoyable, even interesting but some suggest insights it would be useful
to pay attention to.
Trees Lounge is a movie, from some time back, in which probably none of
the characters is likable, most of the events are kind of disgusting, and
only here and there can a viewer empathize with how problems are managed.
Yet, this is not a movie about criminals, nor are there car chases;
instead it is a guys version of a chick flick. The bulk of the people,
some of them not especially mediocre, do dope on a regular basis and show
how that isn’t really all that great for them. There is plenty of
drinking, too, which also manages to bring a few people down. But some
aren’t put out by their habit.
However, one can tell right away that there is no difference at all in the
damage done to some buy drinking versus doing dope. Some aren’t harmed by
either, others are. Just like in real life–this is nothing if not a
naturalist film, with everything just as it is likely to be for quite a
few people in real life.
Yet there is a big difference. The drinking done is legal while the dope
consumption is not. Of both one could say exactly the same thing, just as
the late William F. Buckley, Jr. put it some time ago:
Drug prohibition has accomplished none of its intended goals. Just like
alcohol prohibition, it has created a multi-billion dollar black market,
and despite the expenditure of billions of dollars in the prosecution of
this war, drugs are available in every city and town in this country, and
they’re cheaper than they were just ten or twenty years ago.
But that is not the worse of it. It is patently unjust to treat adult
human beings as if they were children or invalids instead of responsible
persons, capable–although not always willing–to guide themselves through
the maze of temptations life has to offer. Abusing alcohol, gambling,
dope, and even such normally healthful pursuits as exercise, adventure,
and so forth is avoidable, even when one is addicted–how else do addicts
get themselves to clinics? To entrust the government with banning what
people need to resist of their own free will is not becoming of a free
No one needs maintain that there are no collateral “victims” where people
act self-abusively. Yes, no one has to be influenced but many will be.
Yet, that too must be handled in a free and just society without violating
the sovereignty of abusers. People have to learn to resist bad influences
and if governments do not pretend to deal with the matter in their typical
paternalistic, nanny like fashion, they have good reason to. They will not
be lured into the false security the war on drugs promises. They will make
sufficient effort to deal with the matter, given that no one is really
coercing anyone to use or abuse dope, just as none is coerced to use or
abuse alcohol.
But here is the problem. Once the principle of sovereignty is affirmed in
the case of alcohol or drug use and abuse, as a principle it must be
applied to all non-aggressive human conduct. How would that square with
the thousands of government regulations, professional licensing rules–I
hate to call these “laws”? Of course, the implication of the rights to
freedom of religion and free speech are no less clear but somehow the
sophistry that the latter apply to special activities that need to be kept
free serves for many as an excuse to evade that fact.
It is my contention that principled opposition to the war an drugs is now
difficult for several reason, one of which is that such opposition would
leave no governmental interventions unscathed. But there is also the
general disdain today for principles–it is dismissed as ideology (unless
it has to do with a politically incorrect evil such as racism or sexism).
At any rate, however, the movie Trees Lounge shows clearly that
criminalizing drug abuse is plainly unjust, as well as unfair, especially
wherever alcohol abuse is deemed legally untouchable. One can only hope
that such lessons from fiction are not lost on the citizenry.

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25 Responses to Column on Self-Abusive Conduct

  1. M. says:

    People need to hear from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition ( which sends speakers out all across the country to talk about legalizing all drugs.

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