Column on Kosovo & Secession

Kosovo and Secession
Tibor R. Machan
Reportedly the Russian government opposes Kosovo’s secession from Serbia,
as expected, because it fears the move would fuel Chechnya’s similar goals
vis-à-vis Russia. Is Kosovo’s secessionist endeavor perhaps even similar
to what those in the American South had attempted and over which some
claim the Civil War had been fought?
Actually, there is only a little resemblance. Southerners who wanted to
secede made a serious mistake, one that rendered their secessionist design
unacceptable. They wanted to secede without freeing the slaves they held.
In effect, they wanted to secede while kidnapping millions of people. This
may not have been the reason their secession was opposed and why the war
broke out–although clearly in contributed to it–but in point of fact it
made their secession morally and mostly likely legally impossible to
The population of Kosovo has no slaves and so the secession there isn’t
plagued by such serious moral problems. Of course, when a region has had a
diverse population, there isn’t likely to be universal consent to any kind
of secession. Even if the majority agrees, there is likely to be many
others who will be forced to go along with something they do not desire.
Which suggests that the entire issue of secession could use some serious
Exactly what does legitimate secession involve? Unlike when individuals
resign from a club or divorce, where a clean break is possible–although
not all that simple, especially where children are involved–when large
groups of people who hold property in a region wish to discontinue
political association with others the dynamics can be expected to be very
complicated. The complications may actually point to some basic problems
with the entire notion of “a nation.”
Whenever nations are viewed analogously to clubs or corporations, the
problem of making decisions for all those involved arises. Clubs and
corporations are not very difficult to leave–the exit option, as
economists refer to it, is or ought to be open (unless binding long term
commitments have been forged). Clubs, corporations, churches, and similar
human associations are usually freely, voluntarily joined, at least in
regions where classical liberalism has been influential.
Nations are different since people are simply born into them and rarely
make explicitly, nor even implicit decisions to be part of them. This
despite the classical liberal idea of the consent of the governed. (Some
would, of course, construe that idea in strictly individualist terms but,
arguably, others who see it more along democratic lines, even as the
American Founders understood it, have a case, too.)
So when nations are broken up by their citizens, matters can get very
problematic. Much of a nation’s history, its institutions, buildings,
monuments, ruins, relics, etc., are deemed to belong to all of the
population. Tearing these apart is going to be upsetting, notably for
people who think in collective, especially tribal terms. And millions of
people do just that–they often see themselves as literally a part of some
collective group rather than as individuals, along lines that ants are
parts of an ant colony or a bee of a bee hive.
There has been some serious thought about all this in political
theoretical circles but not enough and not recently, I believe, to have
produced workable insights. Even in America, too many see themselves
primarily as citizens of cities, counties, states and the nation instead
of freely choosing, independent individuals. The history of thinking about
one’s membership in political associations has tended to be
collectivist–people too readily speak about what China did or does, what
Kentucky has decided, what are England’s intentions, and so forth, even
though strictly speaking China, Kentucky, or England isn’t some conscious
entity doing, deciding, or intending anything at all. Some people in these
places do, decide, or intend, and others are commonly simply swept along.
Kosovo is a region of the world where this topic is now a very live one
but there are many others–Sri Lanka, Spain, Russia, are just a few among
them. A sober exploration and dialogue of what is and should be involved
in secession would be very desirable.

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